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    we want to put a server online.

    can u help us pls?


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    Hi poison,

    thank you for your interest in the Gamerecon network and we will be happy to do all we can to support your request 🙂

    GRAW2 server on the Gamerecon network:

    1. We can setup a GRAW2 SADS (Stand Alone Dedicated Server) for you on your own cloud computer in a data center in the USA, approximately $30-35 for each three-month block with 24/7 90% uptime & unlimited data transfer.
    2. Perhaps I can create another GRAW2 SADS on the Gamerecon server for a donation of about $5.00 US a month, depending on what you want, for example; server control, game-type TDM, COOP, what maps, the number of slots, that sort of thing.
    3. If you don’t mind giving your credit card details to Google, you can host a  temporary server with Google Cloud – see this post
    4. You can host your own GRAW2 SADS from you home on a dedicated PC or VM, however, you will need to have a strong knowledge of TCP/IP because  GRAW requires a routable IP and most ISP’s don’t offer this with residential/home accounts, you would need to ask your ISP if they will rent you a block of 4 IP addresses, then you need a router that will be able to configure a hardware demilitarized zone like a Cisco 877w.
    5. There is a simple option – setup a computer (at a friends house that has no interest in playing the game) and configure the PC/server behind a DMZ, (I can help you set this up) most routers have this option and it will work on a residential/home network.

    I hope this helps? if you speak English? Can I try to catch you in our TeamSpeak server for a chat? ts.gamerecon.net

    “Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity”, – Albert Einstein.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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