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    Not that bad but not good news at all, that’s for sure! the developers of the¬†Revive Network has been taken down ūüôĀ

    When I started out setting up this website and associated¬†systems and software I was dwarfed with the complexity and scale I needed to achieve¬†to make it work, at any rate, with the support and hands-on help of quite a few Gamerecon members, it’s been working for over a year now, so that’s¬†good but I have always been concerned about how far I can go without infringing on intellectual property rights and the problems that I might run into and then perhaps, all is lost.

    Since the start of Gamerecon, I had taken some comfort¬†in the success¬†of the “Revive Network” as they had thousands¬†of active members downloading the software and connecting old GameSpy games, unfortunately that is no more. SEE HERE

    Ow well, I don’t have any money¬†to sue for and I could do with three squar meals a day so I’ve got nothing to lose really.

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