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    Hi all

    by now you all most likely know the Gamerecon master server is not responding properly, the OS (operating system) is currently using 95% of the CPU so eventually, this issue will raise the awareness of the data center administrators hosting our servers and trigger them to reboot the OS and perhaps they may have already done so, nevertheless…

    …today I will attempt to restart the system myself from scratch, it’s been over a year since I have attempted to perform this operation as the operating system has been working well to date. The hosting company I have chosen to use is inexpensive, however, that comes with its drawbacks – most high end hosting provide the ability to take a “snapshot” of the systems state, much like system restore works if you’re using windows, however, when researching a provider I formed the opinion it was too expensive for Gamerecon to maintain so I chose a budget provider that doesn’t offer “snapshot” features in case I had to go it alone. That’s all been good and well but now has come the time when we need to reboot.


    So why is a reboot a big deal?

    Given that it has not been done in 12 months, sometimes things don’t go well and when you not working with the Linux shell on a regular bases, well, things can take quite a while to resolve when you have problems, I also need to update security packages and this can also cause issues but I’ll do that at a time to be confirmed as to not complicate any issues attempting to get us back online.

    Wish me well, I’m going in!


    To be continued…

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    Wishing you well………….

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