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    Quick Guide for Installing GRAW2 on a Server.

    Note: supported operating systems for this guid are – Win XP 32 bit, to any win server 32 bit, 64 bit, XP, Windows 7 8 10, 32 or 64 bit

    1. Install GRAW2 as normal on a computer that has a GPU and that will run the game. GRAW2 ISO HERE
    2. Upgrade the game by installing the patch. you can download that HERE.
    3. At this point you might want to add any custom maps that you would like to run on your server
    4. Run the game again now that it’s up to date & select multiplayer, create server.
    5. From the drop down menu at the top, select “Dedicated Server” and make all your server settings and then select “start” to create the necessary config files.
    6. A black window will pop up, let it load. Close the little black window.
    7. Now copy the entire GRAW2 Directory to anywhere on your server.
    8. Put the GRAW2 DVD in your DVD drive, or use an ISO, Upload the Support folder from the DVD (My computer “D:\Support” to your server.
    9. Navigate to Support\DirectX DXSETUP.exe and run the DXSETUP.exe on your server –  If you have trouble getting the DXSETUP.exe on your server, we have made all drivers available HERE
    10. Then navigate to Support\Ageia – run the PhisX_7.05.17_SystemSoftware.exe on your server.  Any nvidia PhysX driver should work.

    To make new setting for the server simply repeat step 3 with your new settings and upload the C:\Program Files\UBISOFT\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2\Settings\dedicated_game_info.xml file to the same directory on your server. Your done!



    If your server has a 64bit operating system the ‘dedicated_game_info.xml’ location will be something like C:\Users\the servers name\AppData\Local\GRAW2\settings dedicated_game_info.xm

    If you want to run multiple server on the same node then you must run the second instance in XP mode and you’ll find the config xml files in the GRAW2 directory.


    Connecting a Dedicated Server to the Gamerecon network

    Download and run the Launcher once on your server. Click start, close the “success” message box that pops up telling you you’re configured to play on the game/share network.
    If your SADS is installed in a default destination folder, the launcher will find it and run the client as it’s supposed to, use the “Stop GRAW2” button to quickly shut down the client before it starts. That it.

    Q: Can’t get the Launcher to run on your server? A: Try running  the Launcher as administrator

    Q: Still Can’t get the Launcher to run on your server? Try THIS


    Other stuff

    The default SADS port is UDP 16250
    If you want to change the default port to run multiple instances of the SADS add <port value=”port here”/> to your dedicated_game_info.xml
    Don’t used the cheat scan! set <scan_for_cheats value=”false”/> in your dedicated_game_info.xml or players will need to uninstall mods to join even though that cannot use them.


    Having trouble seeing, joining or playing on the server? Try…

    No firewall
    Use default UDP port – 16250 for testing
    Ping the server host from outside the hosting subnet – get your friends to type ping your hosting ip address in a CMD window and hit enter

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