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    Adding Support for New Games to your game/share database

    Locate the GameSpy Key required to add support for the “New Games” you want to include into the game/share database, you can add as many as you like. GameSpy  Supported Games List Here

    You need access to the servers IP or domain name with your servers IP address as follows, replace the IP address and paste into a web browser with your master servers IP

    Log in as root with your pass, click Go

    click on serverkeys to open the next window where you will see all the keys added to the database, once we have updated the new key values the game will have all its setting saved here, you can also remove or copy a row in this window

    This is the window where you will add and save some options to update the new rows and columns

    Click on  >> Insert



    Now you should see this page below

    Fill out only the top 4 values with the corresponding data below

    id = a unique number to identify for your database you chose it. For example 5 32 200  0203  94  it doesn’t matter, any hole number will do as long as it’s not already in use

    key_gamename =  short game name from the second column of the Gamespy list

    key_key  = GameSpy hash key

    supported       =     1


    Click Go!

    That it! there is no need to restart the server to update the database for a new SADS or client to join


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