Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter

a tactical shooter video game developed by GRiN

GRAW iso (PC)

Download, place a DVD in the D drive, right click the .iso file, select "burn disk image", install GRAW using the DVD. We do not provide keys, however, if you Google [GRAW key] you may find one

Patch v1.35 (274M)

Download the patch v1.35, right click and open, install. thats it! the game is now updated to v1.35

Play on Gamerecon (Not Supported)

No support for GRAW as yet but you can play GRAW2 on the Gamerecon network

Check out the home of Ghost Recon where it all got started over ten years ago

The Microsoft Windows version of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter is played from a first-person perspective. This version features larger levels than those of the console versions with enemy AI more likely to use ambush tactics, greater emphasises is placed on squad tactics having more situational awareness. The cross-com system in this version is more flexible, capable of issuing more controlled commands to individual squad members, as well as plotting out attack routes and battle plans for other friendly units. In addition, player's cannot take discarded weapons, unlike the other versions, but can take ammunition from the weapons of dead enemies or allies, if the player's weapon is of the same calibre.

Unlike other versions, every Ghost member has a maximum weight limit on how much they can carry, with them becoming fatigued from sprinting at a much faster rate, the more equipment they are carrying, while weapons may be modified with various attachments, such as optical sights, grenade launchers, silencers, and vertical foregrips. Every modification has used on a weapon has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, attaching a grenade launcher reduce accuracy and adds weight, but adds extra firepower including the ability to take out multiple targets with grenades, while adding a silencer reduces noise and muzzle flash of a weapon at the expense of accuracy and range. The Microsoft Windows version can take advantage of the presence of a PhysX card. Online multiplayer on the Microsoft Windows edition has both versus and co-op mode. Versus mode features 32 players, which is double that of the Xbox 360 version. The online co-op mode only supports up to 4 players maximum on Windows (the Xbox 360 version supports up to 16 co-op players).