Gamerecon is a GameSpy alternative

Beta listed games are next to get support for the launcher. Thank's for your patience


Supported: Yes
Launcher: Yes

  • Ghost Recon: AW 2


Supported:  No
Launcher:  No

  • Battlefront PS2
  • Battlefront PC
  • Battlefront II PS2
  • Battlefront II PC
  • Battlefront II PS2 Japan
  • Battlefront PS2 Japan


Supported:  No
Launcher:  No

  • Battlefield 2
  • Borderlands XBOX360
  • Borderlands XBOX360 AM
  • Borderlands PC
  • Borderlands PC AM
  • Borderlands PS3
  • Borderlands PS3 AM
  • Midnight Club 2 PS2
  • Midnight Club 2 PC

GameSpy Game List

We will not be adding support for games from the "GameSpy games list" at this time though we hope to support more GameSpy games as we progress.

This is a LINK to a list of thousands of games that the GameSpy system once supported.

In theory, they could all be added to the gamerecon system but may not work without further development.

"Play on Gamerecon"

Download & install Launcher, start a game, create a "gamespy acount", join a server