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Play GRAW2 using the Gamerecon network on our dedicated servers with all your friends!

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Live list of servers currently running on the network, host your own dedicated server!

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Play Ghost Recon Advance Warfighter 2 online multiplayer

follow the steps below

1. GRAW2 .iso PC (3.3G)

Right click the .iso file & select "burn disk image". Install using the DVD. Google [GRAW2 key]

2. GRAW2 Patch (381MB)

Download the patch v1.05, right click and open, install. GRAW2 is now updated from v1.00 to v1.05

3. GRAW2 Map Pack (1.0G)

Download the maps running on our GRAW2 coop servers in this easy to use installer package.

4. GRAW2 Extra maps (158MB)

Download the latest maps on our servers that are not included with the big mappack in step three

5. GRAW2 Launcher (521KB)

Download & Install the Launcher, start GRAW2, create a gamespy account & join our servers

Join our teamspeak server with some friends and start talking tactics

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